How is a child selected for Gifted Student Education?

There are clearly defined procedures that guide the school’s Child Study Team through the process of screening and evaluating students who are potentially gifted. Initial screening using existing data allows for all students to be considered as possible candidates for gifted identification, with additional screening occurring when a student evidences potential giftedness. Additionally, a student may be nominated for additional screening by a parent or other individual who suspects potential giftedness. Through the screening process, necessary data is collected for guiding further evaluation and eligibility determination.
The eligibility requirements are defined in State Rule 6A-6.03019. According to State Board Rule a student is eligible for gifted program services if the student demonstrates:
Additionally, Hillsborough County Public Schools has a State-approved district-wide plan to increase participation of under-represented groups in programs for gifted students. The State defines under-represented groups as groups who are limited English proficient, or who are from a low socio-economic status family.

Further information about Florida’s gifted eligibility rule can be found at

For additional information, contact your child’s school or the Hillsborough County Public Schools Gifted Department (813 272-4460).

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